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A look at People’s Trust Customer Service Department as 2013 comes to an End

by PTI Marketing | Dec 06, 2013

customer service representativeWe asked the Department head of Customer Service some questions to round out the year, and here’s what he came back with.. we thought we would share it with our loyal readers here at People’s Trust Insurance Blog - where you can always get the latest and greatest news on People’s Trust and what’s going on in homeowner’s insurance in Florida!

Take a look below for some updates on the past year in customer service at People’s Trust Homeowners Insurance Company:

What is the customer service department at People’s Trust Insurance responsible for?

Each day customer service is responsible for assisting the existing clients of People’s Trust Insurance with their questions to ensure that each customer is provided with excellent customer service and care.  Their goal on each call is to help them in any way they can.  Each call is ended with “Did we resolve your issue today?”

How has your department changed since 2012?

The People’s Trust Insurance Company Customer Service department has been busy! We take approximately 1,000 calls per day and making over 500 outbound customer follow up calls making sure to deliver on extraordinary customer service on each call with each customer.

What does your department due in addition to taking customer service calls?

In addition to phone traffic, we handle multiple administrative functions that range from Flood and Mortgage Servicing to website inquiries and policy rewrites. We interface with over 40 walk-in clients per month. We take care of our customers in both English and Spanish.  Our Customer Service Representatives take pride in assisting our People’s Trust homeowners policy holders with each interaction. This amazing team handles the fast pace of servicing our policy holders with a service level commitment goal of answering 90% of all calls within 30 seconds.

How do you do it?

We have implemented a number of changes to the department that are helping us create a true Customer Service Center of Excellence. We recently reorganized our customer service organization structure and created additional positions for the increased demand for them.  Every day we are taking steps that enhance our efficiencies and ability to provide great customer service.

How many employees are in your department?

Our team is growing rapidly and we are constantly looking for talent.

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