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Tips to Staying Healthy at the Office

by PTI Marketing | Dec 05, 2013

lady using handkerchiefCold and Flu season is in full force.  Achoo!  At People’s Trust Insurance we like to remind our employees on ways to stay healthy in the office and we want to share them with you.  Offices can be breeding grounds for germs, here are some tips to help keep you healthy at work. 

Stay Hydrated - Ditch the soda and coffee for water. Water helps your body with physical and mental performance, detoxification and digestion. Keep a water bottle at your desk and you’ll find it much easier to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water each day. If you don’t like plain water, consider adding flavor to your water to ‘spice’ it up. 

Clean Your Work Area - Don’t depend on the cleaning crew to wipe your area down. Use disinfectant wipes or sprays to keep your area clean. Don’t forget your keyboard, mouse, telephone, and your desk itself which all harbor germs, microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. Don’t forget to also clean your cell phone.

Wash Your Hands - Washing your hands regularly can help you fight most germs and bacteria you come in contact with and prevent you from spreading them to others. Using soap and hot water is all you need. If you’re in contact with a lot of people throughout the day consider keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk.   Consider not shaking hands in office settings, especially if you have a cold. 

Take Your Break - Use your break time as an opportunity to get up and stretch. Light stretching can help keep you focused, less fatigued, and feeling better.

Eat Healthy - Good nutrition is a foundation for any healthy lifestyle. Bring healthy snacks from home so you are not tempted to eat vending machine chips and candies. Healthy choices from home can include fruits, yogurt, veggies, nuts, and pretzels to name a few.

Get a Good Night Sleep - Sleep is vital for your body to heal and regenerate. Getting enough quality sleep boosts your immune system and energy levels while improving member, concentration, and reaction time. Getting a good night sleep is a surefire way to look better, feel better, and work better each day.

Most Importantly - If you are Sick, Stay Home - If you are sick it’s not fair to your co-workers for you to come into the office and make them sick as well. Please take the day to rest and recover or visit a doctor if necessary so you can get well and come back to work when you are better. You wouldn’t appreciate someone sneezing all over you, so don’t do it back!

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