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A Better Insurance Company to Choose

by PTI Marketing | Nov 14, 2013

florida road signPeople’s Trust wasn’t created so that the citizens of Florida had another insurance company to choose.  Rather, it was created so the people would have a better insurance company to choose.  People’s Trust is all about helping homeowners protect their family and homes.

We’re an A rated company by Demotech and most importantly, we’re here to stay. While others are picking up and leaving the state, we are growing to create a better tomorrow for all Floridians.

We believe that homeowners should be able to afford their insurance premiums and we are consistently working on ways to help keep rates affordable. While we can’t always promise our rates are going to be the lowest, or that they won’t go up - we do promise to be there for you and work with the state to do everything possible to help each homeowner.

Add one more item to your shopping list this holiday season, check out People’s Trust Insurance Company and what it can do for you and your family. Call today 888-524-6003 for a free no obligation quote.

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