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How A Claim Is Handled

by PTI Marketing | Nov 12, 2013

rapid response teamDo you have a claim to submit to People’s Trust?  Our experienced claims professionals are just a phone call away, available to assist you with whatever emergency your family faces 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People’s Trust prides itself with treating our valued policyholders the way we’d like to be treated. So what can you expect from People’s Trust if you have an water emergency in your home at 2 a.m.? One of our licensed adjusters will immediately contact you to discuss your emergency, and answer any questions your family may have regarding filing a claim. If warranted, our adjusters will assign the Rapid Response Team to visit your home to help your family clean up whatever you’re facing. On the next business day, People’s Trust will assign one of our experienced Claims Adjusters to your claim. They will walk you through your coverage limits, deductible and any important documentation they may need to help you.

Like any insurance company, we owe it to all our policyholders to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into every claim that is filed. Once a coverage determination is made, the Claims Adjuster will contact you to discuss covered and potentially non-covered damages. If coverage is afforded, People’s Trust will make sure the repairs to your home are completed by a licensed contractor. If the preferred contractor endorsement is on your policy, People’s Trust will select the Rapid Response Team to repair your family’s home as quickly as possible. You can trust the repairs will be done to your satisfaction because the Rapid Response Team guarantees their work for up to three years!

Written by Shannon Ludlow

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