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Moving and Home Insurance

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Nov 06, 2013
moving-300x199Insurance may not be your first thought when you start thinking about buying a house or moving. But don’t let it be your last! It’s important that you make sure you take into consideration your homeowner’s insurance when you are moving as it does not just ‘move with you’ to your new home. Your homeowner’s insurance company and/or agent will need to know details about your new home like its age, construction material, type of roof, square footage and interior footage. They will also need detail of your mortgage lender. Here are some helpful FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) we have put together regarding homeowner’s insurance and moving.
Can you transfer your current policy to your new home or do you need a new one?
If you are moving you will need a new homeowner’s insurance quote and policy. Call People’s Trust Insurance today at 888-524-6003 for a quote.

Who should I contact if I plan to move?
You should contact your insurance company or insurance agent to advise them of your plans to move in order to get a new quote for your new residence and provide them with a date to end your current insurance on your previous residence. You will also need to talk with your mortgage company, if applicable.

How much will insurance for my new home cost?
This depends on your home and its features, each homeowner’s insurance policy premium varies and you must get a quote to find out how much your individual policy will be.

I am a first-time homeowner, when can I get a policy for my new home?
People’s Trust Insurance can write a policy when you are within 45 days of the closing date and the effective date must be within 30 days from the time they close to the time you move in.

What do first-time homeowners need when they call to get a policy?
You will need the address of the new home purchase, the projected close date and any wind inspections the prior owner may have (if applicable).

I have a policy on the home I currently have, but I am moving to a new home - how can I get a policy on my new home?  
Call us with the address and closing date of the new home and we will work with you on the coverage you need and can afford.

Disclaimer: The following are some FAQ's and are not meant to (and do not) provide coverage or indefinite details on how to provide secure coverage to your home when you move.  You should always consult an insurance agent when purchasing homeowner’s insurance.

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